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 Box pouch series
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3 side sealing bag, standing pouch, zipper bag making machine
Center / End press seal pouch making machine series(Zipper Pouch Bag making machine)

DSM600-SPZ is specialized to produce 3-side sealed bags, standing pouches & zipper bags.

1. This model employs 3 servo drive system (Dual-servo for film feed drive and one-servo for heat-sealer vertical drive).
2. It has Computer operating touch panel with window program which enables to make easy operation and fast job
changing for all production data (sealing time & temperature, speed up & down, bag dimensions and skip operation etc.).
3. This machine voluntarily setting and fixing of sealing time.
4. Auto tuning sensor for cutting length control.
5. Lift-up function of sealing units during machine stoppage.
6. Table conveyor with height adjustment.
7. Alarms and auto stop function when web finishes, Yard meter (total feeding length)

Production Speed

(Zipper Bag) 30-100 shot/ min
(3 side seal) 30-160 shot/min
(Standing pouch) 30-120 shot/min
* Production speed may be affected by the type of material and the cutting length.

Pouch size range

Pouch Width : 60mm - 250mm
Pouch Height : 120mm - 280mm for 2 -up
Gusset depth : 20mm - 45mm
Punching Dia. : 15mm (standard)

Size of main web

Width : 40mm - 1,240mm / Diameter : 800mm

Size of bottom web

Width : 60mm - 180mm / Diameter : 600mm

Unwinding Station

Main Web Stand

Horizontal Single Web Stand

Main Web shaft

3-inch Air shaft

Main Web Brake

Automatic Control by value input


Line / Edge Position Controller

Zipper Reel Stand

2 units

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